Kingsview Enterprises Inc. which K has been in business for over forty years, has grown into a one-stop shop for both residential and commercial projects. A commonly asked question is where the name Kingsview originated. Kingsview’ has a memorable origin. It comes from the Williamsville, NY neighborhood where John and Robert lived & grew up-Kingsview Estates. John Rauh (John Jr.) and Robert Rauh, Sr. are the owners of Kingsview. Their favorite hobby is landscaping. I started doing it to put myself through college at Canisius, John said. Adding that when he was around 18, he began going door to door to solicit landscaping jobs.

Kingsview Enterprises Inc. located at
7 W. First Street in Lakewood, NY is a family owned and operated business employing around fifty individuals. These employees are often referred to as the Blue Crew- a reference attributed to the company’s memorable blue vehicles and signs

Established in 1980, Kingsview provides residential and commercial services including asphalt paving & repair, seal coating, pavement markings, excavation, and concrete installation. A subsidiary, HH Rauh Paving Inc., is Kingsview’s NYS DOT approved asphalt manufacturing and mining operation. We needed to take control of our own material production to ensure the quality that everyone has now come to expect from us. John explained. Also, a sister company, HH Rauh Contracting

Co., provides demolition and asbestos. abatement services.

Roughly half of the business is commercial, and the other half is residential. Kingsview has worked on many notable projects over the last years including various Dollar General site projects where they have the staff to complete a project from the ground up. This is a big draw to working with Kingsview-one contractor, one job completion. Honestly, most of our business is still through word-of-mouth referrals. Ranh said. “People have trust in us, they know they can depend on us, and we work hard everyday to maintain that trust.

With the passing of the beloved family patriarch and CFO John R. Rauh (John Sr.) this winter, John Jr.’s daughter Jeanne Rauh Nelson has taken on the major role of CFO at Kingsview. I have big shoes to fill, said Jeanne. He was my mentor and taught me so much about business and about life. Kingsview and its success was so important to him-the family legacy was important to him. Adding to this family legacy is Robert Rauh Jr. who also continues to work with Kingsview in the field operations. I’m excited for the future with Jeanne & Bobby Jr. stepping in and other key roles being filled with longtime, dedicated team members’ said John. With a growing family, it seems a third generation of Blue Crew is on the horizon.

Kingsview is DOT approved and fully insured to work in New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. For more information or to contact Kingsview please visit their website at